The guarantee provided with your used or collector watch

All our secondhand and collector watches are appraised and checked before purchase. If necessary, they are revised or adjusted.
A store Guarantee is issued together with the purchase receipt.  The Guarantee covers the proper functioning and authenticity of the watch.   
MMC RIVIERA will not under any circumstances, settle an invoice from a third party, unless prior agreement has been reached between MMC RIVIERA and the Client.  
Unauthorized third party intervention will void the warranty.
Not included in the Guarantee:

  •  An accident causing a shock to the watch.
  • Incorrect handling, especially for complicated watches.
  • Negligence during bathing for non-waterproof watches, or for those whose crown has not been correctly tightened.
  • Normal wear and tear of the bracelet, case, glass, pushers and crown.

MMC RIVIERA has the right to guarantee certain models, such as vintage pieces, for a period of six months.
When the watch has a manufacturer’s Warranty, this supersedes the MMC RIVIERA Guarantee.
When you reserve a watch on our website, a viewing appointment is made.  This permits you to inspect the watch at the MMC RIVIERA office in Monaco at your convenience.
If you confirm your purchase at the end of the appointment, and once payment has been made, the watch will be delivered complete with all of the accompanying items noted in its online listing. 
We can deliver the watch to a location of your choice, according to the shipping conditions detailed in the corresponding section on our website.

The Client is responsible for any and all import duties and taxes into their country.
Your satisfaction is our first priority!  Please contact us by either email or telephone. We are more than happy to assist with any questions or help you may require.